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7244 Hartman Road
Wadsworth, Ohio 44281
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Injection Molding
Blow Molding
Reclaim & Compounding
Non-Plastic Applications
Essentials & Filtration
Telephone: 330.334.4994
Representing Leading Manufacturers of Machinery and Equipment Used in the Plastics Industry
COMPANIES REPRESENTED (in alphabetical order)
60 US Ton to 3500 US Ton
Electric, Servo-Hydraulic,
Hybrid Two Platen, Toggle
Central, Portable Air & Water Cooled Chillers,
Water & Oil Temperature Controllers,
Pump Tanks, Cooling Towers
Water Treatment Systems
Material Handling Systems, Resin Dryers,
Vacuum & Pressure Conveying, Railcar Unloading,
Silos & Accessories, AutoLoad & AutoDry Gravimetric & Volumetric Blenders & Feeders
Configurable & Modular Belt Conveyors,
Parts Cooling Conveyors
Box Filling Solutions
Automatic Self-Cleaning
In-Line Water Filtration
Bulk Handling & Storage Dumpers, Tilt Tables,
Vertical Auger Mixers, Super Sack Unloaders,
Power Hoppers, Screw Conveyors, Storage Bins
Weigh Scale Blenders, Auger Feeders,
Liquid Color Pumps, Venturi Color Loaders
Sprue & Small Part Handling, Flexible Automation,
High Precision & Accuracy
Gas Assist Technology for
Injection Molding & Extrusion Processes
Screws, Barrels, End Caps, Tip Assemblies,
Nozzles, Tips, Heater Bands
Magnetic & Mechanical Clamping,
Ejector Couplers, Water Manifolds,
Mold & Die Handling Systems
Central & Beside-the-Press Granulators,
Shredders, Size Reduction Systems,
De-Dusting of Regrind Plastics
Screenless Granulators,
Dust & Fine Removal
End-of-Arm Tooling,
Vacuum Components for Automation
Single Shaft Shredders, Wash Lines & Sink/Float Systems for Plastic Recycling of Plastic Sheet, Film, Large Parts, Purge-Patties, Extrusion
AUTOLOAD Material Loading Systems,
AVAC Central Loading Systems &
ON-SPEC Additive Feeders
Moisture Meters for Plastics
Water Chemistry Experts Serving Cooling Towers, Boilers and Closed Loop Systems
Fast and Permanent Thread Repair for Platens.
All C-Serts are Self-Tapping & Self-Aligning.
5 Year Warranty!
Flex Hose, Tubing,
Pipe, Bends, Couplers
Plastics & Packaging Conveying Products,
Diverter Valves, Slide Gates, Cyclones,
Couplings, Pickup Wands, Shut Offs
Air - Oil - Water Filtration Systems,
High Quality Filter Replacement "Equivalent Interchanges", Maintenance/Repair Supplies
Central & Beside-the-Press Granulators,
Shredders, Size Reduction Systems,
De-Dusting of Regrind Plastics
Hot Runner, Valve Gates,
Mold Temperature Controllers,
Production Monitoring
Industrial Mold Releases, Mold Cleaners,
Lubricants, Rust Preventives,
Purging Compounds