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Representing Leading Manufacturers of Machinery and Equipment Used in the Plastics Industry
COMPANIES REPRESENTED in alphabetical order
AUTOLOAD Material Loading Systems, AUTODRY Dryers, AVAC Central Loading Systems & ON-SPEC Additive Feeders
Gas Assist Technology for Injection Molding & Extrusion Processes
Moisture Meters for Plastics
Water Chemistry Experts Serving Cooling Towers, Boilers and Closed Loop Systems
Fast and Permanent Thread Repair for Platens. All C-Serts are Self-Tapping and Self-Aligning. 5 Year Warranty!
Configurable & Modular, Belt Conveyors, Runner-Separators, Parts Cooling Conveyors, Box Filling Solutions
Magnetic & Mechanical Clamping, Ejector Couplers, Water Manifolds Mold & Die
BULK HANDLING and STORAGE, Dumpers, TiltTables, Vertical Auguer Mixers, Super Sack Unloaders, Power Hoppers, Screw Conveyors, Storage Bins
Flex Hose, Tubing, Pipe, Bends, Couplers
Screws, Barrels, End Caps, Tip Assemblies, Nozzles, Tips, Heater Bands
Plastics & Packaging Conveying Products, Diverter Valves, Slide Gates, Cyclones, Couplings, Pickup Wands, Shut Offs
Weigh Scale Blenders, Auger Feeders, Liquid Color Pumps, Venturi Color Loaders
Air/Oil/Water Filtration Systems, High Quality Filter Element Equivalent Interchanges and Maintenance/Repair Supplies
Central & Beside-the-Press Granulators, Shredders, Size Reduction Systems, De-Dusting of Regrind Plastics
Hot Runner, Valve Gate and Mold Temperature Controllers, Production Monitoring
Industrial Mold Releases, Mold Cleaners, Lubricants, Rust Preventives, Purging Compounds
Screenless Granulators and Dust & Fine Removal
Automatic Self-Cleaning In-Line Water Filtration
Central, Portable Air & Water Cooled Chillers, Water & Oil Temperature Controllers, Pump Tanks, Cooling Towers, Water Treatment Systems
Vacuum & Pressure Conveying, Railcar Unloading, Resin Dryers, Silos & Accessories, Material Handling Systems, AutoLoad & AutoDry Gravimetric & Volumetric Blenders & Feeders
ROBOTS for SMART AUTOMATION - Sprue & Small Part Handling, Flexible Automation, High Precision & Accuracy
INJECTION MOLDING MACHINES - 60 US Ton to 3500 US Ton Electric, Servo-Hydraulic, Hybrid Two Platen, Toggle
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Injection Molding
Blow Molding
Reclaim & Compounding
Non-Plastic Applications
Essentials & Filtration